Scot Williams

Throughout his twenty-plus years in real estate, Scot has helped clients buy properties ranging from multimillion dollar homes, to condos, to a young couples first great house. Each buyer has unique wants and needs, and our creativity and experience are leveraged to help them find exactly what they are looking for.   

Not only does Scot help people find their perfect home, but he also is a listing agent.  Scot has helped sell properties ranging from family homes, to multi-acre lots, to literally hundreds of condos. Scot believes that marketing a home is all about storytelling, and each property has a unique story to tell. Each listing is fresh, challenging and different.  

Raised in Charlotte, Scot graduated from Chapel Hill with a degree in business, and received his MBA from Tulane.  Scot earned his sales wings in New York and Los Angeles, as a textile salesman, after which he founded and managed a knit fabrics company specializing in fabrics for the sporting goods industry. 

Scot loves The Panthers, the North Carolina mountains, and the Virginia Eastern shore.  


We know the neighborhoods. We know the agents. We know the developers and the builders. We know the service providers – the inspectors, photographers, technology and lawyers that are part of the home sale process. Wood Williams Realty is a full-service agency.

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