Time to Vote

According to the National Board of Realtors, there are 7,958,762 persons of voting age in the state of North Carolina. Of that group 77% or 6,137,984 are registered voters. Realtors make up 25,827 of that group, and as a group 84% are registered voters. Is there a reason why Realtors are registered in higher percentages than the state population as a whole? I would argue that there is. Realtors livelihood depends upon sucessful advocacy for the mortgage interest deduction and in their fight against transfer taxes, and I would argue that the health of the housing industry is crtical to job creation in this country.
The National association of Realtors estimates that five hundred jobs are created for every thousand existing homes sold. On top of that each home sale contributes about $60,000 to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP)! As the national politicans pontificate about jobs, jobs, jobs; maybe one of the points of focus should be improving the housing market. Dodd/ Frank has dramatically slowed the issuance of mortgages and poltical and economic uncertainty has checked enthusiasm.
This election provides clear choices. Please VOTE.